The 1984 EP

by Tripping Tourist

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I've got a diverse set of songs here, so If you're not feeling one, move to the next!

I've been working on these for way too long. In the interest of finally at least sharing them online until I finish a proper album, we've got a few highlights here for your consumption. Enjoy, and I'll give you all a proper release when it's in my budget and all the tracks are done. Cheers!


released January 17, 2019

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Steve Moore.


all rights reserved



Tripping Tourist Missouri

Steve Moore is a songwriter from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

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Track Name: Waiting for the Setting Sun
When what you're needing can't be found
You know that I will be around
And if you're wanting something real
The devil wants to make a deal

This outlaw life is never fun
Busted down and on the run
Waiting for the setting sun
Just waiting for the setting sun

Deep and dark in expectation
What I've been feeding in the night
Worn out shoes and conversations
Waiting 'til the moment's right

This outlaw life is never fun
Busted down and on the run
Waiting for the setting sun
Just waiting for the setting sun

Just breathing in the revelation
That things ain't always what they seem
Caught up in the expectations
Of strangers' lives' on tv screens

This outlaw life is never fun
Busted down and on the run
Waiting for the setting sun
Just waiting for the setting sun
Track Name: The Ghost in the Sea
The water's deep and I have seen
The burning pillar on the brink
Before the shore's horizon fades away
The lifeboat slowly lowered down
Just hurry up before we drown
Too late to place the blame for our mistakes
From the deck the burning boat
Is sinking fast so let's get off
I see the waves and hear the way they break
As we fade into the blue
There is no me there is no you
Before the final moments fade away

No way
I'll stay

I feel the waves
I see the way
Good men break
And fade away
They build to take
On dead men's graves
Deep below
We don't want to know

No way
I'll stay
Too late
No way
Track Name: Ministry of Love
Lately we've been lazy
Maybe we've been racing to the end
Ignorance, complacency our friends
Welcoming the wolf at our front door
Living like it's 1984

I don't know what I have done
And I can't tell what we've become
All I know is nothing good comes cheap
I don't know what we've become
And maybe it's my mind that's gone
But when I am with you I am complete
And baby, we are living in the past
Baby, we have given all we have

Maybe we've been waiting
Waiting for our voices to be heard
Try to see the truth with vision blurred
Distracted while the ship is going down
Drinking narcissism 'til we drown

I don't know what I have done
Track Name: Ministry of Peace
Carry me down to the river of lies
My brain needs a washing, my eyes hypnotized
Take my ambition and break it to dust
Take all our love and reduce it to lust

Filter and separate
Until we share one fate
Feed us to death, despair
'TIl everything is bare

Take us to the end
Feed us to war machines
Scorched earth and broken hands
Eternal enemies
Take us to the end
Lead us to suffering
Cold times in corporate brands
Control our everything
Take us to the end

Living in fear of the all-seeing eye
Awaiting the day for the restless to rise
Lawyers and corporate puppets, all slaves
Nothing is left and there's nothing to save

Filter and separate
Track Name: Devil in Disguise
Been too long I've walked alone
Been too long now since you've been home
Been too long since I've seen the throne
Been too long now, the plague's took hold

Been too long, oh this I know

So sad, goodbye
You were wasting time
Up goes down, in comes you
Looking 'round for something new
What goes up must come down
I've seen the sights and heard the sounds
What goes on behind the scenes
Leaves bitterness and jealousy
A parting gift that leaves a hold on you

I told you on a Tuesday I was tired of telling lies
I'm no good I'm an addict, I"m the devil in disguise
My hollow heart has hardened and it's hell here staying high
But I'd lie and cheat and steal again until the day I die

So sad, goodbye

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